7 Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop, Guaranteed to Be Easy!

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7 Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop, Guaranteed to Be Easy!

How to overcome a slow laptop must pay attention to what are the triggers. The reason is, there are several things that can cause a laptop so it cannot be used at first.

One of the reasons why laptops become slow is that memory is too full. In addition, there are also many applications that are not used but open automatically so that they eat UP RAM.

How to Overcome a Slow Laptop

1. Delete Unnecessary Files

Sometimes we are used to downloading various types of files ranging from photos or videos, but forget to delete them. Eventually, gradually the files become very piled up and fill the internal memory.

Very full internal memory will not be able to be used to open some applications. This is what causes some applications to become slow or close by themselves because they are exposed to limits.

Delete files can be done manually by marking some unnecessary ones. In addition, it can be permanently deleted immediately by pressing CTRL + Del.

2. Delete Junk Files

The second way to overcome a slow laptop is to delete all waste files that are no longer used. Junk files usually accumulate when installing applications or browsing.

To delete it, you can directly open Run and type %temp%. It will automatically open a temporary folder to permanently delete the entire trash.

Another way that can be done is to use several applications such as CCleaner. This application can be used to clean all unused files quickly and thoroughly.

3. Remove Unused Apps

Check one by one in the application section to see approximately what applications are rarely used. If there are applications that are rarely used can be immediately deleted or uninstalled.
Do it one by one by following a few steps below:

  • Go to the search box
  • Type Control Panel
  • Admission to the Program – Program and Feature
  • Select one of the apps you want to remove
  • Right-click, and then press uninstall
  • Do it one by one until the unwanted application runs out.

4. Turn off Active Apps in the Background

It can then turn off apps that are active in the background. Usually, the application activates by itself when you turn on your laptop or computer.

When all applications are active by themselves, it will most likely fill the internal memory as well as RAM. To turn it off can follow the following steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Select the Startup menu.
  • Uncheck enabled apps.

5. RAM Upgrade

Sometimes laptops become slow because the RAM used is still very small. In some types of laptops, there are additional slots that can be used to install RAM.

You can buy additional RAM that will be installed on the laptop. With a larger size, the laptop can run well even if it is used to run heavy applications.

6. Scan Viruses

Perform the virus scanning process periodically on the laptop. Usually, there are viruses or malware that accidentally enter so that it triggers programs on a computer or laptop to be slow.

According to EzTekno.com site that installing antivirus applications such as Avast, Kaspersky, AVG, or using Windows Defender which is Windows’ built-in antivirus can solve this slow laptop problem.

7. Move Files

How to overcome the last slow laptop is to move the file into a flash or external hard drive. This method is done because the file is still needed so it cannot be deleted.

The transfer process can be done manually or thoroughly. Use multiple applications to make transfers such as Teracopy to speed up the file transfer process.

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