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5 Best Song Cover Video Sound Editing Apps Right Now

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5 Best Song Cover Video Sound Editing Apps Right Now

Creating song cover content is indeed quite popular by some people. The goals are also different, some are just for fun to focus on becoming a content creator through song covers.

Especially now that there are many platforms that can be used tomote your song cover video with various provisions, such as YouTobe, TikTok, Instagram, and many more.

Each platform has its own way to geo-engage the video content, so please find out for yourself how.

With the help of the sound editing application, this song cover video can make the song you sing more melodious and interesting.

Relax, some of the applications that I recommend you can use through a PC or HP you know.

Curious about the song cover video sound editing application? Just look at some of the following recommendations.

Recommended Song Cover Sound Video Edit App

By using some of the applications below, the cover of the song you sing can be further improved in terms of sound quality, song effects, and much more. For that, please install some of the applications below as needed.

1. Music Maker JAM

5 Best Song Cover Video Sound Editing Apps Right Now

Being one of the playstore editor’s choice applications, Music Maker JAM can be the right choice for you to use, especially the need to edit song cover videos.

With its various features, Music Maker JAM is ready to support the needs of its users. One very useful feature is the sound recording feature.

But this feature is not only limited to recording, the sound recording produced can be clearer and clearer than using the built-in sound recording of the phone.

With a download of more than 500 thousand users, the core proves that Music Maker JAM is worth using.

2. Audacity

5 Best Song Cover Video Sound Editing Apps Right Now

Anymore, is the free song cover sound editing app? Audacity can be a great choice to use. Sure, Audacity you can rely on for audio editing needs to make it better and better to hear.

This one application is open-source, as a result you are free to use it for free.

For a beginner who is just into the world of audio editing, the taste-sense of Audacity will be suitable for use.

Some of the features that can be used are cutting sounds, eliminating vocals, combining music, and much more. There are also additional plugins that can be used, no wonder if this one application is quite popular by some people.

3. BandLab

5 Best Song Cover Video Sound Editing Apps Right Now

With smartphone capital alone, now you can create your own beginner music studio. BandLab application allows users to create songs complete with vocals, bass, guitar, and drums using only mobile phones.

Of course, this is a distinct advantage for the BandLab application to pamper its users. Relax, this song cover video sound editing application can be used for free.

Especially for those of you who like song covers, there is a feature that is quite interesting, namely the Autipich feature that can adjust your tone of voice.

After recording the vocal audio, the next step is to perform audi mixing with various instrument effects that have been provided.

4. FL Studio Mobile

5 Best Song Cover Video Sound Editing Apps Right Now

There is another song cover video editing application that can be an option, namely FL Studio Mobile. This application has the ability to edit the audio you have to make it sound more delicious and melodious.

There are several excellent features that can be used including synthesizers, samplers, drum kits, sliced-loop beats, and many more.

After the audio is successfully edited, you can export it with several formats, namely WAV and MP3. Wow quite interesting isn’t this FL Studio Mobile application?

5. Lexis Audio Editor

5 Best Song Cover Video Sound Editing Apps Right Now

Finally, the free song cover sound editing application that you can use is Lexis Audio Editor. With a total download of over 5 million on the Google Play Store, it proves that this app is worth using.

There are various excellent features owned by Lexis Audio Editor so that the sound you have can be more melodious.

Oh yes, the most interesting thing is that there are several audio formats to choose from, namely WAV, ACC, MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WMA.


With the help of several song cover sound editing applications above can make it easier for you to produce better song covers.

If previously only relying on mobile phone-built recordings, now you already know some applications that are able to improve the quality of the sound produced without having to spend more.

Is this the best option to use? For now, if you want to use free software or applications. The article I wrote is useful for you.


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